Californication cover (Mix in Protools)

Wicked Game Boot (Logic Pro/ Roland FA-08)

Download a cheeky Wicked Game edit I made to play in my set with Freestylers

Wicked Game

I Was There - Meat Katie (Ju's Red Mist Mix) Logic Pro

Breakbeat Mixtape (Traktor DJ & 1210s)

Hiphop Mixtape (Ableton)

Two Short Nights Film Festival (Logic Pro)

By elliot stallion and julie-anne

This was the first ever 3D Video Mapping/ Audio installation held in Exeter in 2009 at Phoenix Arts Centre.

Elliot Stallion produced the 3D video and Ju created the audio.  More of the installation can be found on Vimeo here

Bertha Reverb Unit

Impulse Response files I made for Logic Pro Space Designer (IR function)  HERE