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Here's some bits n pieces I've used over the past while that should help you with your noise conquering.   

There is a search function (see the top right of your page) that you can search through the site.  Happy reading and be lucky in your quest!


This is your brain on Music: Understanding a human obsession

Bob Katz: Mastering Audio

Basic Engineering Mathematics - J O Bird

Electronics - A First Course - O N Bishop

Sound & Recording - Applications and Theory - Francis Rumsey

Acoustics and Psyhoacoustics - David Howard & Jamie Angus




Mixing to a pink noise reference (using signal generator)

Voice Over
VO Rate sample 
Bill DeWees
Freelance work -, and
Apogee Mic
No room no problem!

Sound on Sound - VO Production

Pronounciation Dictionary (agents/ pro source - utilise red star for more work!) (register on here to be scouted by voicebank subscribers) - freelance site
Stuff you will need other than great mic, preamps, DAW, monitors, headphones & acoustic treatment;
Accounting Software (Quickbooks/ Freebooks)
CRM System (storing Client data, mailouts etc)
Email - gmail has masses of tools

Dropbox (File Transfer)

Logic Pro Quick VO Channel Strip option 

ISDN -  there are software apps (expensive!) used as alternatives, ask your local studio if you can use theirs for a fee!

Mic Placement
Stereo Image Mapping Template

Hit the download icon to download a document that will help you plot your instrument placement in the stereo field of your track. 

Mapping the placement helps you pan and EQ each instrument.... hit me up if you want more info
Stereo Image Map.png

Music General

Music & Empathy 2018 Study by Zachary Wallmark

Roland FA 08 Support Videos

BBC Learning Music 

 FREE Image Manipulator

Record Labels 2017

FREE Keyfinder Software Download (OS)

Mixing in Key

Chord Progressions

Key Identifier Online
Music Note Flash CardsOldest Voice recordingsiPad App EMS VCS3 Emulator
Soundation - Online FREE daw
Mr Bill on Ableton
Acoustic Treatment
SOS - Acoustic Guitar Recording
Hyperphysics (Physics Resource)
Rob Papen's guide to Subtractive Synthesis
SEO + more
Onliine Tone Generator (Sub etc)
Audio Issues (Tutorials)
Audio TutsPlus(Tutorials)
5 Steps to Mastering Hip Hop
Colornfo - Colour info for artwork
Logic X - Dot Bustelo's info and tutorials
Naughty Mac Tool for Internet/ Youtube Sampling
BPM Database 
Music By Patterns Music Theory Software (Windows)
Rocket Piano (Learn piano with accelerated learning techniques)
Djing using Liine's Lemur App for ipad
Traktor Scratch Pro & Audio 8 DJ Soundcard Tutorials
The DJ Podcast (Mixing Video Tutorials Ableton/ Traktor/ Maschine + more...)
Sample Clearance Information
Using Equalisation - SOS Article
Warmth & Air - SOS Article
Mid/Side EQ in Logic Pro 9
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music -
Sound on Sound Article - Improving Your Stereo Mixing
Sound on Sound Article - Scanned Synthesis
Scanned Synthesis -
Scanned Synthesis Video on a synth using scanned synthesis
Andrew Nicholls Music Tech Resource:
Official Apple \Logic Pro Videos
Quiztones - Tool to help you get to know your freqs
Quiztones App for iphone
Tempo Delay Times
Basic Guide To Synthesis
Linear Arithmetic Synthesis (Walkthrough with Roland D50
Granular Synthesis
More Granular Synthesis
Audio Compression
A useful paper on Hearing and Sound from Sussex Uni
Webthumper - Introduction To Drumming (Drum Notation, fills etc)
Drumbook - more drummage info
Drums The Word -
Lessons in Rhythmic Reading (Norm Weinberg)
Virtual Drum Kits & Drum Lessons
Replicate Tape Saturation in Logic
BPM Counter
Key Identifier/ BPM etc
Basic Guide to Dubstep (Sound on Sound)
8Notes (Piano Chords)
BBC 4 Synth Britannia (TV)
SF Logic Ninja Music Production Tutorials
Production Masterclass series - D Ramirez


Winksound Music Production Tutorials
Logic - Add 60 hz sine to your Kick
Tarekith's Guides to Music Production Frequency To Pitch Mapping
The Maths of Frequency to Pitch
EQ - Interactive Frequency Chart
The Mixing Engineer's Handbook 2nd Edition - Bobby Owinski (£24.99)
Recording Engineers Handbook - Bobby Owinski (Google Books)
Sound on Sound Synth Secrets
Freebie Audio Samples...
A Brief overview of the history of Amen Break
Double Dee & Steinski's Lesson 1 - The Payoff Mix (1983)
Logic Pro 8 Fades & Crossfades (Din Dojo Tutorial Part 1)
Logic Pro 8 Fades & Crossfades (Din Dojo Tutorial Part 2)
Logic 8's Ultrabeat stuff...
Prime Loops Superfast Beginners Guide to Mastering in Logic Pro8
Subtractive Synthesis Overview
Subtractive Synthesis.JPG